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While looking through the Twitter feed for graphic designer I came across Justin Preston‘s tweet about needing someone to create a logo. After taking a look at his Twitter feed and the Rise Against Bullying Facebook page I decided to help this good cause and make them a logo.

Here are the first concepts:

Rise Against Bullying First Concepts


They liked the one on the right best, and asked me if I could make the font bolder and add a background image consisting of a a mess of random words. They provided an image of an ad for Kids Help Phone, a free counseling service for young people, as an example.
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The Helping Hand does landscaping, clean outs, and general repairs. When they asked me to design their logo, at first we decided upon the concept of a hand holding a house, to symbolize what they do, and emphasize their tagline “Let us be your helping hand.”


The owner decided that concept was too cartoonish and wanted to try a logo combining the first letter of each word instead. Below you see the evolution of that concept. Read the rest of this entry »

Sarah O’Leary is a writer, coach, and holistic health enthusiast who had a few websites that she wanted to combine into one. After figuring out how she was going to do it, Sarah asked me to create a logo and a header image for her new website, Holistic Hot Sauce.

After reviewing her responses to the logo design questionnaire, I started sketching ideas.




Sarah liked the orange flower with petals that look sort of like flames. Once the concept was decided on, I began working on creating the flower digitally, starting with the petals. Read the rest of this entry »

Delisa is an artist, soap maker, and Creativity Instigator . She believes that everyone is creative and is on a mission to help you realize your creative potential. She is one of the winners of free design from the grand opening giveaway for my first website.

Delisa wanted a logo for her website, The Creativity Rebellion. After she filled out the design questionnaire I began sketching ideas.

Creativity Rebellion Logo Sketches


I circled the concepts I thought were the best and discussed them with Delisa. We decided Read the rest of this entry »

Student Project: Hadley Garden Centre Logo Redesign

“Hadley Garden Centre would like a new logo. They have been in business for many years and have positioned themselves in the market as the BMW/ Waitrose of Garden Centres. Their staff is very knowledgeable and they have a high number of staff who have been with them for many years. They would like to think their staff are proud to work for them. Their target market is older adults, perhaps in their 40’s but mostly older.

Their current logo is text in a green ellipse. They want to avoid the cliche leaf image as they want to increase awareness of their non plant products such as giftware, furniture, kitchenware etc. Create 3 logo options – two colour only. One based on the idea of text in an elipse (but fairly modern). The other 2 options can go in any direction you feel appropriate to the market.”

From graphicdesignblog.co.uk

I imagine the original logo probably would have looked somewhat like this:

Original Hadley Logos


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