While looking through the Twitter feed for graphic designer I came across Justin Preston‘s tweet about needing someone to create a logo. After taking a look at his Twitter feed and the Rise Against Bullying Facebook page I decided to help this good cause and make them a logo.

Here are the first concepts:

Rise Against Bullying First Concepts


They liked the one on the right best, and asked me if I could make the font bolder and add a background image consisting of a a mess of random words. They provided an image of an ad for Kids Help Phone, a free counseling service for young people, as an example.



After some brainstorming and a few hours of arranging words into a shape I had this:


They liked the concept and asked to see a version where the background words were in rainbow colors.


They decided to go with the gray version for the official logo, asking for one more small change—having the word bullying slanted at an opposite angle to the word against. Here is the final logo:



Justin and his team asked me to update the logo so they could put it on some t-shirts! I’m excitedly waiting for my shirt to come in the mail. 🙂