Ellie Di is now a full time author, but in the past she worked with self-aware, humanistic nerds using compassionate critical thinking and a head-first process to help them find the tools to get through stuckness, fear, and confusion. and get back to being themselves. She called this Headology.

While working on her website, TheHeadologist.com (link is not clickable because Ellie is no longer offering Headology services), Ellie ran into trouble crafting the perfect header image. I offered to help, and she accepted. Ellie told me she wanted a blank head in profile on each side, facing each other, with a conversation bubble in between them. The title of her site & her tagline would go in the conversation bubble.

Once I created the initial design I sent it to Ellie for some feedback on the shapes of the heads and the speech bubble. After some editing to get it just right, this is what I had created:

Header for TheHeadologist.com

Header for TheHeadologist.com

And here is the finished header on her site:

Header on The Headologist Website

A little while after I had finished the header, Ellie decided to get some business cards printed.

For her business cards, Ellie wanted four designs. She planned to put all her contact information on the backs of the cards and she wanted the fronts to have something more eye-catching. I came up with a few ideas that could be executed in different combinations of her brand colors (red, black, & white).

Here are a few of the unused concepts:

When I asked Ellie for feedback on the concepts I had come up with, she told me she liked the text-based (typographic) designs best & wanted that kind of design for all four.

Here are the final four designs:


Ellie took a photo of her new cards when they were delivered. Thanks Ellie!

Photo of Ellie's new mini cards from moo.com.

Photo of Ellie’s new mini cards from moo.com.

Ellie is no longer running The Headologist. Her current website is elliedi.com.