Student Project: ValliFresh Business Card Redesign

“ValliFresh, an organic skincare products company, wants to freshen up their business card design.

The company had sheets of business cards printed up with the logo and company name which they then ran through an in-house laser printer to personalize as needed. They are reaching a point where they’ll need to print new shells and have decided it’s time for a change.

Create a standard 3.5 x 2 inch business card design (horizontal or vertical orientation) that incorporates the company logo. As with the original, they plan to have a large quantity of business card shells printed which they can then personalize as needed and use as product tags.”

The original card/tag design.

Having worked in retail for several years, when I hear tags, I think clothing. So when I started working on this project I was thinking about tags that you could punch a hole in to tie around the neck of a bottle.


Then, I realized that I could probably design something that could be adhered directly to the products. Like this.


Here are the designs as business cards.


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