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I’ve had some people finding my Pinterest review/how-to while searching for how to rearrange pins & how to rearrange pinboards on Pinterest. So I thought it might be helpful to post a more in-depth how to for rearranging pins & pinboards.

To find out how to pin something from the web to a pinboard or repin something from someone else’s board on to your board, take a look at my previous Pinterest post.

If you’re wondering how to rearrange pinboards:

While logged in to Pinterest, go to the menu & click on your name or the drop-down option underneath it that says Your Boards. On this page, take a look at the top right of the page to find the rearrange button.

This is what it will look like when you hover the pointer over it:

When you click the rearrange button it changes to a save button.

& now when you move your cursor over a pinboard it changes to something with multi-directional arrows like this:

(Except in white, not green.)

Then you just click & drag to move the pinboards around. Like this:

Then just click the save (previously rearrange) button & you’re done!

If you’re wondering how to rearrange pins:

[IMPORTANT NOTE: I no longer recommend doing this! This method will cause the pins to lose the links to the places you got them from.]

At this point it’s not as easy to rearrange pins as it is to rearrange pinboards. You need to plan out the order beforehand. Remember that the pins will appear on your pinboard in the order you pin them. The first pin you repin will be at the bottom of the board once you are finished. Once you know the order you want the new arrangement to be, go to the board you want to rearrange the pins on, find your first photo & click repin.

You will see the following screen come up:

Make sure the details are correct & click the Repin button. It will repin the image & take you back to where you were on your pinboard.

Now click edit on the same pin that you clicked repin on in the last step. Then on the next page click delete pin.

Pinterest will ask you Are you sure you want to delete this pin? Click delete. Pinterest will delete your pin & take you back to your pinboard where you will see the repined pin in the top right spot on your board. Now you just repeat this process until the pins are in the order you want them to be. Yeah, it’s annoying & time consuming, but as of now it’s the only way I know of to rearrange your pins on Pinterest.

[Again, I no longer recommend doing this! This method will cause the pins to lose the links to the places you got them from.]

I hope this has been helpful!

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Comments on: "How to Rearrange Pins & Pinboards on Pinterest" (8)

  1. Elaine said:

    geez, pinterest really needs to adjust this so we can rearrange pins more easily without losing the link. I might just start another ‘board’, pin in order (or reverse order, I guess), then delete the original board.

  2. super helpful! thank you!!

  3. Christina Bruns said:

    Well I am not finding the “Re-arrange” button. ;(
    Pintrest we should be able to click and drag. That would be so much easier.

  4. Robin said:

    Thank you, would have never figured this out on my own!

  5. Joyce Weitzberg said:

    I use two computers at at time.A PC and a tablet! I pin to a secret board, when done pinning, I open and name a board, then pin from one computer to another assembling the pins in the order I want them to finally appear!

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