environment rant

Do you like the weather we’ve been having? The massive earthquakes, the huge storms, the destructive tornadoes. I don’t know about you, but when I hear the sky rumbling like a giant angry bowling alley, I start worrying. Will it hail? Will the power go out? Will there be a tornado?!? The good news is we can change the weather. How do I know that?

We’ve done it before.

Now you may be thinking “being able to control the weather would be great! Why don’t we use this technology to stop all these horrible storms & stop droughts & stuff?” but consider this: What if us fucking around with the weather is what caused it to get worse in the first place?

Earth does not exist in a bubble! As this article on the factors involved in climate change shows, there are many different things affecting our climate, including the orbit, rotation & tilt of Earth & solar energy from the sun.

We are NOT in control. We are merely inhabitants on this planet. Guests, not owners. We made a mistake thinking that we could control the Earth. Everything is connected & we don’t know how deep that connection goes. The things we do here on Earth could be affecting the whole universe. It may sound cool, but what about destroying the universe? Is that cool?

I love technology. I love that we know so much about how & why things work the way they do. I don’t want to give up indoor plumbing, clothes, electricity, appliances, cell phones, computers, & the internet. I’m not saying that we should be sleeping on the ground in little huts. I wouldn’t like that at all.

But we can live more in harmony with the earth.

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